Appetizers menu is valid for groups starting from 8 persons. We kindly ask you to order at least 48 hours before the event.

Seafood appetizers

Salmon tartare with parsley mayonnaise and roe
Shrimps with parsley mayonnaise and tomato pearls
Shortcrust pastry with salted salmon and lemon cream

Meat appetizers

Focaccia with pulled duck, smoky mayonnaise, Gorgonzola and pearl onion
Profitrool with duck liver pâté
Beef tenderloin with onion jam
Lamb with black root and carrot cream

Vegan appetizers

Mushroom ragù in a basket
Mini Romaine lettuce with Caesar salad dressing and tofu
Panko-crusted portobello with avocado cream and coconut cheese
Carrot hummus with vegan bacon and pickled carrot

Appetizer 3 €/piece