Two course menu 29 €/per person
Three course menu 36 €/per person

Group menu includes freshly baked Antonius bread, herb butter and coffee or tea. Group menu is valid for groups starting from 8 persons. We expect the same menu to be ordered for the whole group.

First Courses

Beef carpaccio with tuna flakes, herring roe and avocado cream (L, G)
Duck liver pâté with physalis salad, mountain ash jam and plant-based mince chips (L, G)
Salt crust baked celeriac with coconut cheese, marinated zucchini and beet pearls (L, G, V)

Main Courses

Baby trout with black rice risotto, poached egg, herring roe and fennel (L, G)
Duck confit with carrot lemongrass cream, potato celeriac gratin and pork rinds (L, G)
Wild boar with vegetable gratin, goutweed pesto and blackcurrant sauce (L, G)
Plant-based mince cutlet with black rice, sweet potato and chickpea sauce (L, G, V)


Vanilla cream with fresh berries, mint and passion sorbet (L, G)
Sea buckthorn posset with chanterelle coral and rhubarb ice cream (L, G)
Ice cream and sorbet trio at the chef’s selection (L, G)

L–lactose-free, G–gluten-free, V–vegan

Client has the righ to reduce or cancel confirmed orders without penalty as following:                                                                                                                *At least 10 work days before the event until 100% from the total cost
*9-5 work days before the event until 50% from the total cost
*4-0 work days before the event until 0% from the total cost
In case of exceeding these cancellation rates, client must pay a penalty of 100% of the total cost of the order exceeding the limit.